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Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is a fun and exciting game in the casino world. For many players, blackjack is the iconic game that drew them into the realm of card games and casinos. Whether you’re looking to play a few games of blackjack online or you’re headed out to a game, you should be armed with a solid blackjack strategy in your back pocket. Of course, as with any casino game, you’re always going to want luck on your side, and that isn’t something you can necessarily control.

However, by going in with these blackjack strategies, you can reduce the risk of the elements that are within your control from going awry. Check them out below.

Know the Rules

No matter how hard you study a strategy, nothing is going to click into place until you know the rules of the game like the back of your hand. For quick reference, check out any online blackjack rule guide.

Utilize a Blackjack System

Blackjack systems are simply ways to alter how you would normally play a round of blackjack in order to help bring you closer to success. One of these systems is known as the Paroli system.

The Paroli system simply says that you should increase your bet when you win and decrease your bet when you lose until you get back to your original bet.

You can also try the Parlay system. The Parlay system can be visualized as a triangle, as when you win, your next bet is the value of your first bet plus your profit.

If all this addition isn’t your style, you could try the Martingale System, which states that you should double your bet every time you lose. If you win, you start again with a new bet. For some players, the Martingale System has ensured success in one form or another every time.

Use a Blackjack Card Strategy

If you’re not sure that you want to use an entire system to change how you play blackjack, you can use a different set of strategies. By using a blackjack strategy with the cards you hold, you can make smart decisions move-by-move. For example, if you have ten or eleven points, you can choose to double the bet you placed. This will give you an extra card, but keep in mind that you will be forced to stand if you play this move.

If you have a hand that’s low in value, you can ask to be hit. This will give you an extra card. If you’ve only got a score of 8 points, this can help you go a long way.

If you receive two of the same cards, you can choose to split them and double your chances. While this move should never be played with fives or tens, it’s almost always a good idea to split aces, twos, threes, sevens, eights and nines.


Luck is always going to have a hold over the game of blackjack, but by going in prepared with the right strategies, you have a much higher chance of walking away a winner.

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