Online Real Money Games in India

The online gaming industry is expanding rapidly in various regions, including in India and other Asian markets. The technology behind online gaming also evolves at an incredible rate, so it is not surprising to find mobile casinos, HD gaming, and other new features being made available at an equally fast pace.

Of course, the main attraction of the online gaming industry is the fact that you can play for real cash prizes and pursue jackpots worth millions. Regardless of the type of online casino game you love to play, there are plenty of opportunities to win cash prizes. These real money games are the most popular ones in India and the ones you want to try when you are just getting started.

Cricket Star

The infamous cricket star online game tops the list of most enticing games preferred by people in India and the world at large. The game is creatively designed with numerous game options aimed at accommodating both first time players and experienced ones. The icing on the cake is that you have 243 ways to win prizes and actually make money.

Your favorite cricket moments and photos are also replicated as symbols on this game. During the game, a player can hear music and fans cheering in the background. The cricket star slot online game is designed to have 3 rows and 5 rolling reels. Each run gives you a chance at winning a prize. Besides being entirely captivating this game brings loads of entertainment and is fun to play as a simple pass time and way to make money.

By taking a shot at the rolling wheel, a player can win back to back if they manage to make the right combinations. On making the right combination, the winning symbols collapse and new ones appear giving you another chance to give it another try and probably get away with yet another win. However, if you take a spin and make the wrong combinations, you have to keep spinning the reels over and over again and reverently search for that winning combination.

You get a chance to take a bonus spin when you have a total of three scatters on the screen. It doesn’t matter in what order or position the scatters are but if they all count to three, then you can make your bonus spin. Remember, you can play the rolling reels while the free or bonus spins game is still on. In addition, every time a player wins, they get to multiply their previous winnings.

The wild symbols often appear on the last three reels out of all five. A player is unable to try the rolling reels because the wild symbols do not play simultaneously with the reels. The wild symbol in the Cricket star online game can replace close to all other symbols in this game excluding only the scatter symbol. Sometimes two, three or four wheels can be changed into wild symbols by the wild wicket feature.

Mega Moolah

There is no doubt that Mega Moolah is an incredibly popular game, in fact it is the most popular on Microgaming’s gaming platform right now. One particular feature makes this slots game very popular, and that feature is the progressive jackpot of Mega Moolah.

The progressive jackpot, as the name suggests, is available across multiple online gaming sites. Players from any of the linked gaming sites offering Mega Moolah can play for the same gigantic jackpot. Whenever a spin is made, a small portion is added to the jackpot pool.

The way progressive jackpots span across multiple gaming sites make the jackpot size huge. There is a starting jackpot of $100,000 when you play the minimum amount, but that jackpot amount gets all the way to several millions really quickly.

As for the game itself, Mega Moolah is a straightforward slots game you can play immediately. Even better, you can use the free spins and bonus bankroll you receive from the gaming site of your choice to play spins of Mega Moolah for free.

Immortal Romance

The video slot machine from Microgaming is another popular slots variation played by millions every day. Immortal Romance is interesting because it combines interesting graphics and engaging storylines with great prizes and a lot of pay lines and winning combinations.

If you are looking for a slots variation that lets you win frequently, the Immortal Romance is definitely worth a try. Another way this slots variation is interesting is how it delivers a stunning gameplay and player experience every time.

Immortal Romance really highlights the online gaming platform’s ability to push HD graphics and enjoyable gameplays. The game itself uses 5 reels in 3 rows, giving you more than 200 ways to win. There is also the Lion Door Knocker scatter and a great set of levels, with each level offering extra benefits.

The biggest pay-out offered by this slots variation is x 6,000. This means you can win £6,000 with a £1 bet. To win this maximum amount, score five Lion’s Heads. Interestingly, hitting the big score isn’t as difficult as you think since the game also has a wild card on its reels.

Game of Thrones 15 Lines

Slots variations can be as simple or as complicated as they are and still be very exciting to play. There are several variations based on the TV series Game of Thrones, but the Game of Thrones 15 Lines is definitely the one to try. As you can tell by the name of this slots game, the game offers a whopping 15 lines and a maximum win of x 75,000.

There is a maximum bet limit of £15 that you need to follow when you play at certain online casinos but that’s still plenty enough to score big when playing this game online. Other online casinos let you bet up to £75 in order to win real money prizes. Hit 5 Iron Thrones and you instantly get x 3,000 in winnings.

Game of Thrones 15 Lines is also littered with side games and bonuses. You can get free spins as you play this game. You can also earn bonuses and stacked wilds to further amplify your winnings and your chances of bringing home a huge jackpot.

As for the gameplay, any Game of Thrones fan will love this game. The overall user interface and the gaming experience it delivers have a very strong GoT feel to them. Even when you don’t follow the Game of Thrones, playing this slots game will get you excited about finding out more about the Mother of Dragons and the Iron Throne itself.

Football Star

The name of this slots game says it all; Football Star is a real money game that centres around football and football stars. The game is a 3-row, 5-reel slots variation with 243 winning combinations. Football Star may not be a new slots variation on the market, but it is a fun game to play nonetheless. In fact, it was released in 2014 and it instantly became a favourite for many experienced players who also love football.

One of the things you will love about playing Football Star is the Rolling Reels feature. This feature automatically replaces symbols in a winning combination and gives you more chances of winning real cash prizes. When you hit the 5 Ball Scatter combination, you also stand a chance of winning x 12,500 of your original bet.

Add the fact that you can place up to £250 in a single bet, and you have a fantastic slots game to play nonetheless. That brings us to another reason why Football Star is so popular: its pay lines. As mentioned before, there are 243 winning combinations that earn you real cash prizes. There are also ways to boost your winnings with multipliers and special bonuses.

The key to staying profitable when playing Football Star is managing your bankroll. Place your bets accordingly, play the maximum pay lines, and you will be able to hit more winning combinations thanks to this game’s nature and design.

There may not be bonus rounds or free spins offered within this game, but that shouldn’t stop you from using the bonus spins you get from the online gaming site to get a head start. Football Star and the other games we covered in this article are all real money games that allow you to have a lot of fun while pursuing real cash prizes in the process.