Mega Moolah review

Produced by Microgaming, Mega Moolah Slots is one of their best-known slots on the market. It boasts huge progressive jackpots, which has successfully made a number of winners quite a bit of money. There are 4 jackpots total to play for, and you can also play for multipliers, wilds, and free spins.

With real money on the line, this is a hugely popular slot game available online to players everywhere. If it sounds appealing, give it a try! Here is some more information about this wildly popular online slots game.

Mega Moolah: How to Play

The overall theme of Mega Moolah Slots is an African vibe, safari themed and exciting. The symbols and characters are all cartoon-like animals, much like Disney’s The Lion King, with various animals like lions, monkeys, giraffes, zebras, and more. The game boasts 5 reels and 25 paylines, and includes 4 progressive jackpots, which is what makes this slot game immensely popular.

The four progressively increasing jackpots are named Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega. Mega is, of course, the largest, and Mini is the smallest of the jackpots. The win the jackpot, you must win a randomly triggered bonus game that involves spinning a wheel. When the wheel spin is triggered, it determines which of the four jackpots the player will win. This bonus round appears randomly, but the higher your bets are, the better chances you have of triggering the bonus wheel.

It is, understandably, somewhat difficult to win the Mega jackpot, which typically starts at around £1 million – but it is not impossible to reach. The higher your bets are, the better chances you have of the wheel appearing, and the maximum bet for each spin is approximately £6.25, which is not too high. Furthermore, the jackpot increases with each successive bet, so the Mega could easily be much higher than the minimum £1m.

The progressive jackpots are not the only rewards of Mega Moolah Slots, though. For instance, the wild symbol – which in Mega Moolah is a lion – will not only serve as a substitute for any symbols aside from the scatter symbol, but it will also cause a winning line on your spin to receive double the payout. There is also a number of free spin bonuses, wherein 3 or more scatter symbols – in this case, a monkey – will receive 15 free spins. Even better, any winning payouts on free spins are tripled.

Bets per spin range from £0.25 to £6.25, and higher bets increase the jackpots as well as increase your chances on winning the jackpots. The game has a decent return to players percentage of 88%. Some consider this discouraging, as it is somewhat lower than many online video slot games. However, there is no real reward without risk. Consider this: you must decide between a low-stakes game with low rewards, or a higher risk game where you could potentially win record-setting jackpots.


There are many animal symbols in the game to fit the safari theme, and each symbol has its own meaning and payouts. The lion is the wild slot, which has potentially the highest payouts. Other animal symbols in the game, from highest to lowest potential for pay outs, include elephants, buffalos, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, and monkeys.

The game is not only limited to animals. It also includes higher card amounts, ranging from 10 to Ace. Much like in a game of cards, the higher the card, the higher the payout. 10 has the lowest, followed by Jack, Queen, King, and finally Ace.

The amount of matches it takes to receive any sort of payout varies depending on the symbol. Lions, buffalos, elephants, and monkeys can all receive payouts or multipliers with matches of anywhere from 2 to 5. All other symbols require at least 3 matches to win.

Statistics and Chances of Winning

Astonishingly, despite the 88% RTP of Mega Moolah, the average winnings last year for their larger payouts were well over £4 million. In April 2018, one user won an astonishing £1,778,226.80 when they won the Mega jackpot. Despite the odds seeming stacked against you, Mega Moolah has a ton of promise to provide massive payouts to multiple players.

With surprisingly high hit frequency, the randomly triggered jackpot bonus wheel has provided many users with life-changing jackpots. From the Mini all the way up to the Mega, last year alone saw 50 million pounds of money paid out to various jackpot winners. While the free spins round, which is initiated by getting 3 scatter symbols, the jackpot round is completely arbitrary and can appear at any time. The randomness lends to the excitement of the game, which is very real and has the potential to be incredibly rewarding.

Statistics support the statement that this progressive jackpot slots game is one of the highest, and has a surprisingly high hit frequency, meaning winning the jackpot is not as impossible as you might believe. Over the years, the varying velocity of the Mega Jackpot shows that the pot can increase by nearly £100,000 each day alone, which means players increasingly seek out Mega Moolah for the chance to change their lives.

Variations in Theme

Though Mega Moolah’s original game features an African safari theme, over the years the company has released themed variations of the slots game. With the same four progressive jackpots and game play rules, these variations are just as popular and give you the same chances of winning. The variations include Summertime, Isis (which is Egyptian themed), and 5 Reel Drive (which is car themed).

These variations also feature slight differences from the original game, including the number of free spins that can be won, how high the multipliers are, and some even have a gamble feature, which the original game does not.

Conclusion: The Risk is Worth the Reward

The game has been around for a while, and it still remains an entertaining and overall rewarding experience for players. Though the odds of hitting the jackpot wheel may seem slim, you still have the potential for frequent smaller pay outs to give yourself a boost. Give Mega Moolah a try and see if you can beat the bonus round and change your life!